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Why get a new one instead of renting?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

The potential buyers in the following industries such as Manufacturing, Construction, Healthcare, & all who require mass power generation, are wondering whether to buy a new diesel generator from Top Brands or go for just renting a generator? If you are unsure about this million-dollar question buying or renting a generator. Here this article can assist you.

6 Common Reason Why to Buy a New Generator

  • What is Your Local Climate like?

  • One time investment

  • Low-Cost Maintenance

  • Occasional or Consistent Use

  • Customize your business to your needs

  • Better convenience

1. What Is Your Local Climate Like?

Climatic conditions mark for a strong reason on why investing in a genset would be required instead of renting one. That’s because if there were not many power outages or none to begin with, then it would be better off to either rent a Kva generator set or none at all. And, if you are in a location that gets plenty of rain or wind, you should ensure that your generator is protected by a sturdy canopy or enclosure. Diesel Generator enclosures are typically permanently installed and made of tough materials like steel to minimize exposure to the elements. Bear in mind that enclosures must still allow for appropriate air flow. You should also make sure that your power generator is installed on a concrete pad that’s large enough to support your entire power system. In the case of flooding, the pad will keep water away from your unit so that you don’t have to worry about the problems that can come with moisture exposure, like rust and corrosion.

2. One-time investment.

Brand new diesel generator may look expensive at the initial point of time, but it has the capability of showcasing its worth in the longer run. Purchasing a brand-new power generator is that it will be covered by an assurance. Silent Diesel generators we afford to our clients to buy a new kva generator duration of the warranty will differ one, two or sometimes many years. In recent years our analysis has proven how branded industrial generators have a long-lasting life benefiting owners who have done a one-time investment.

3. Low-Cost Maintenance

When purchasing an eco-friendly generator, you need to check whether the cost is low as well as its maintenance. Some people will rent because the term of use is short, however, maintenance, if required for hired power generators, will end up as a high expenditure. While buying a new generator the supply for minimum maintenance cost is pretty high even for use in an apartment or home. So, buying a generator is trustworthy.

4. Occasional or Consistent Use?

Most gensets include a consumer warranty covering you for several years. For emergency power or recreational use, any reputable brand is going to work. However, if you’re running a crew that needs a power generator just about every day, you’re going to be better off looking for a model with a legitimate commercial engine. Not only will it be a better fit, but you’ll also likely get a warranty that lasts for more than a year instead of just 90 days or 6 months. The obvious downside is that these are typically more expensive.

5. Customize Your Business to Your Needs

However, buying a new diesel generator is better than renting. There are some permissible profits for buyers planning on purchasing new generators. Buying a new diesel generator with good working conditions will not end up in breakdown or extra charge. Therefore, renting a diesel generator has some disadvantages like breakdown, Maintenance, etc. leading most factory or company owners to prefer getting a new one as they know their needs.

6. Better Conveniences

Buying a Power generator for better conveniences at an affordable cost will be user-friendly. Diesel generators have higher energy & more power can be brought out from the smaller engine. Less Maintenance requirements, Longer Runtime, turns profitable for the user, so in order to survive every person is ready to buy a new diesel generator than rent.

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