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Why Should You Use a Diesel Generator?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Diesel generators are a great option for homes and businesses that need backup power. Silent Diesel Generators offer the best combination of price, power and efficiency in most cases. They can be fuelled by diesel, natural gas or propane to meet your needs. Gensets are also more fuel-efficient than gasoline-powered models when they’re running at partial load because diesel has an energy density about 40% greater than gasoline or natural gas per gallon equivalent. When you purchase a power generator, it is important to consider where the unit will reside during use – inside your home’s garage if it’s not too cold outside; outside on the ground if there is no yard; or in your basement so that you have access to living space above it!

1. They Start Working in a Matter of Seconds After a Power Outage

If you will be using your diesel generator as a backup power source, one of the largest benefits is that when the power is lost you can be confident that your generator will kick in within a matter of seconds. One important consideration is that if you will be using equipment that may be damaged or may lose data during a power outage such as mechanical equipment or servers, it may be necessary to invest in a battery-powered backup to maintain the power supply.

2. Gain Peace of Mind

Whether you are interested in a kva generator for commercial or personal use you can be rest assured that you will have complete peace of mind. Regardless of whether you are working off the grid or need backup power, you can be confident that your diesel generator will be ready for any of your needs. Simply ensure that you remember to always have the fuel tank full and ready for use.

3. Help Keep the Kids Calm in Stormy Weather

If you are using the power generator for your home it is very beneficial to keep your power on during a thunderstorm as it can be very distressing for young children and animals. The loss of power can make them a lot more distressed. By having an eco-friendly backup generator, you can ensure that even in the event of a power cut during a storm you will have the necessary power to help keep your family calm.

4. No Costly Productivity Drops

In comparison, if you are running a business a power cut can be extremely costly. From total closures for bars and restaurants to temporary closures of a production facility, a couple of hours of lost productivity can cause major issues for your company. However, with a backup industrial generator, you can be sure that your business can run as normal even through a power outage.

5. Keep Food Fresh and Safe

If you are running a restaurant then a power outage can very quickly result in food getting spoilt, from complete meals needing to be thrown off; to defrosting of desserts. Many restaurants will hold hundreds or thousands of kilos worth of produce. By using a backup power generator, you can be assured that your fridges and freezers will run as normal until the power returns. Meaning even if you are unable to operate your restaurant 100% normally you will not lose any of your produce.

6. Stay Entertained in Your Home

Some power cuts last minutes while others can last hours or even days, if you are stuck at home during the power outage in what way will you be able to spend time then? Yes, you could read, clean or do some other activity. However, with a backup kva generator, you can continue your daily life as normal. So, whether you work from home or just want to keep yourself busy, there’s a way to ensure no interruption dampen your day-to-day power use.

7. Keeping in Touch

If you find yourself in a bad weather situation, it may be exceptionally difficult to keep in touch with your loved ones, with the inclusion of a generator in your home you can be certain that you will have the power to let your people know that you are fine.

8. Keeping Security Systems on During an Outage

Another important thing to consider is that if you will be using the industrial generator at a business you should be able to use the backup power to ensure that your security system is running. It is a sad fact that during many storms businesses either find themselves being looted or in worse situations. Thus, having a reliable security system can be very beneficial.

9. Backup Power Can be Required at the Most Unexpected Times

Besides the scenarios covered in the article, there is also an endless number of other situations that you may find yourself in need of backup power. You will find that your diesel generator will pay dividends in the long run. Whether you are looking for new or used generators, as covered in our previous article; you can opt for them according to your needs.

For more information on diesel generators; covering benefits of using one or setting up another power system, you can browse through several choices available out there. Just make sure that, whatever you narrow down to, it’s something you have done plenty of research before finalizing one. It’s not surprising if you’re still unsure if this type of energy generation is right for you, don’t worry! Just reach out to a reliable genset provider as they are capable of working out a plan & find out what can best suit your particular requirement. It won’t take long before you realize just how beneficial these machines really are when it comes to additional features like emergency backup systems. By now, it should be quite clear on what it means to have a backup power solution in place.

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