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Engine Cooling Systems for Silent Diesel Gensets

Updated: Dec 15, 2023


  • As the name explains, a generating set or a silent generator is a system that generates electricity.

  • Silent diesel generators are used for the purpose of providing back-up or redundancy electricity when the main system goes offline.

  • The genset consists of an engine, fueled often by diesel which creates the electricity to be used by the site.

  • When the generator engine is running it becomes hot and needs to be cooled down. This is done by circulating a coolant through the radiator of the power generator engine.

  • This coolant maintains the temperature of the dg sets.

  • Some of the most well-known generator manufacturing companies are experienced in thermal / mechanical designing and manufacturing Engine Cooling System for silent diesel generator sets.

  • Generally speaking, a cooling package is complete when it consists of Engine Jacket Water (EJW) , Low Temperature After Cooler (LTA), Charge Air Cooler (CAC),Fuel cooler and Fan & Drive assembly.

  • Most of these companies design and manufacture Engine cooling System for kva generators for the small 35 KVA rating to the very large 3000 KVA rating & around.

  • Also, here are some of the common type of radiators used for the cooling procedures for such gensets.

Aluminium Brazed Radiators:-

  • The aluminium Brazed Radiator Assemblies are known for its superb performance, efficiency and are maintenance-free.

  • Each Unit is designed for optimization, with a range of unique features using the latest technology.

  • These Aluminium brazed radiator Assemblies are very compact, lightweight yet have very high thermal efficiency.

  • They are very robust, strong, reliable & cost effective.

  • The Engine Jacket water cooler consoles, Low temperature ambient cooler consoles, fuel cooler, charge coolers together form a part of engine cooling systems in Aluminium Brazed radiators.

Copper Brass Radiators:-

  • Copper Brass radiators are made up of brass tubes and copper fins. They are usually manufactured in heavy duty and light duty constructions.

  • Are very optimal for higher rating silent generators and are easily serviceable. Also, extremely durable and have a very long life.

High Integrity Radiators

  • High - Integrity Radiators are constructed using our a completed different type of technology.

  • They are extremely rigid, strong and robust, ideal to withstand high vibrations in very high rating kva generator sets(1000 KVA and above).

  • They have a very long life with superior thermal efficiency & are a cost economical solution. In this the Low Temperature (LT) and High temperature (HT) circuits can be combined to run

  • with a common fan. This fan can be either engine driven or electric motor driven. Another possibility is to use High - Integrity Radiators for containerised silent generators with roof top fans.

  • High Integrity Radiators are widely used in dg sets covering ranges from 1010, 1250, 1500, 2000, 2250 to 3000 KVA.

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ASC Group
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Om Power Point
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